Saturday, May 16, 2009

Motif #5

Here is the ever popular dragon by Anne Bruvold . I had just learned split rings when I did this. The body is single shuttle split rings which I still don't know how to do, so I used split rings instead. Thread is size 20. I made one in a white size 20 which I released during a dirty Santa with ghirardelli chocolates for sustenance.

Motif #4

This butterfly came from Celtic Tatting Knots & Patterns by Rozella Linden. The thread is size 10.
I've done 3 patterns from her book and this one I found to be the easiest.
And I would like to suggest for the next printing of this book, if the samples for the step by step photos all be in the same color it would cut down on the confusion and fustration I had while working on the flower. Changing colors half way through may look pretty on the page but if you're comparing one photo to the other, it's very confusing. I'm off my soap box now, thanks for listening.

Motif #3

I've been busy tatting, but not so much in the taking photos and uploading them department. This is a maple leaf done in Lizbeth harvest orange medium. I tatted this sitting in the sunroom watching the birds and got a bit distracted and missed a ring. This explains the slight asymmetry, but I've never seen a perfect leaf so this goof doesn't bother me.

I recently bought Tatting Turns Over a New Leaf so I'm really looking forward to making more leaves.